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Brand & branding

Brand Definition

Working with you to help define the key components of your brand – its promise, tone, personality, beliefs, mission etc - to ensure you’re able to bring it to life in a consistent way in everything you do, thus constantly strengthening it.

Brand Identity

Developing or updating your business' brand identity: name, logo, tagline, tone, font etc. to reflect your companies' values and ensure it appeal to your consumers in sector-appropriate way.   

Brand Positioning

Ensuring your brand stands out from those of your competitors’. Done through the use of archetype theories to understand your current and potential brand position to ensure clear differentiation.

Brand Strategy & Development

Developing a medium to long-term plan for your brand to ensure it cuts through and gets noticed. Uses various components of brand positioning and communications to develop a comprehensive plan.


Developing names for your products and services which accurately represent what you offer and who you are, ensuring you stand out from the competition and stay memorable in consumers’ minds.